Earl Thomas

Earl Thomas had never picked up a microphone in his life until he was nearly killed after losing his footing at the edge of a 50-foot ravine and slid all the way down, landing unconscious on a pile of broken glass and debris.

Luckily, the then 22-year-old college student was only bruised, but not knowing the extent of the damage upon regaining consciousness, he reflected on his disappointment at not having pursued his dream of becoming a singer, and resolved to do just that if he survived. Nine years later, he recorded 1991’s Blue...Not Blues, a record strongly influenced by his parents’ love of Blues and Gospel music and his own affinity with more contemporary styles. He wrote “I Sing The Blues” which became a hit for Etta James. Ten years later an Earl Thomas song would become a showstopper for Sir Tom Jones whose dazzling version “Git Me Some” is a mainstay in his concerts and a YouTube sensation.


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